Off Grid-10KW

Easy Alternative for Rural Areas

An off-grid system gives you the freedom that is quite amazing. You’ll be able to produce and control your own power and you’ll be able to live just about anywhere you’d like. Looking to move to an even more rural area? Don’t worry about it—you’ll have your house powered and electricity running through the walls in no time.

Advantages Stable through Power Outages

Off-grid solar energy systems are as reliable as they come. By storing energy in batteries, you’re able to have a house that is powered at all times, whether it’s cloudy days or amid potential natural disasters. When you’re grid-tied, if there is a power outage, there’s nothing you can do about it but wait out the storm. If you have an off-grid solar power system, you won’t experience these blackouts. The energy is stored and ready for potential disasters so you’ll always have that added protection. When other’s experience these power outages, you’ll be fine.